Genie Forklift

Genie Forklift

Genie is a globally acclaimed corporation that enjoys the spirit of alliance with their extensive network of connected consumers. Genie Industries prides itself on the image of bringing materials and people higher and extending further beyond the goods they design. Genie Industries strives to help clientele erect their business no matter how large or small the scale of undertaking may be.

In 1996, with the inauguration of the Genie Hoist, which is a pneumatic, portable material lift spawned the foundation of Genie Industries. A series of aerial work platforms and additional material lift trucks followed to satisfy consumer demand. These innovative goods secured universal recognition and established modern product design.

Genie Industries is presently a subsidiary of Terex Corporation. Preserving leading quality production and uncompromising service and support are among their highest priorities. With clients from Helsinki to Hong Kong and Denver to Dubai requesting the distinctive blue coloured lifts on the jobsite, the company is self-assuredly grounded in their exceptional customer service and values. Acknowledging that their customers are their greatest motivation, the team at Genie Industries are individually dedicated to providing expertise and maintaining customer rapport.

The reliable staff is dedicated to greener, more environmentally sensible possibilities to advance the products that clients want. Genie Industries focuses on "lean production" practices in order to help limit waste while manufacturing very high quality lift trucks in the shortest time period at the lowest feasible cost for the consumer. The staff at Genie Industries is proud to serve the industry and this is reflected in every creation they manufacture. Always inviting customer input allows them to manufacture and develop innovative new products that are effortless to service and operate, provide optimum value-for-cost and meet worldwide standards. Thriving on customer criticism enables Genie Industries to repetitively evolve and meet the consumersâ?? needs.

Genie service specialists grasp the importance of uptime. They are readily accessible to answer questions and provide solutions. Their extensive components network will promptly ship parts to guarantee their customersâ?? machinery are running effectively. Each product comes backed by a competitive and reliable warranty.

Genie Industries takes great satisfaction in its client service and builds and serves its products to guarantee effectiveness and maximum uptime on the job. Delivering on-going education opportunities, to marketing support to flexible financing solutions, Genie Industries provides their customers the resources to get the most out of their purchase.

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